Yehuda Detector

“I am the last and highest court of appeal in detection.”
– Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of Four, (1886)

The Sherlock Holmes 2.0 CVD and HPHT
Lab-Grown Diamond Detector
by Yehuda

Project Assure:

The Sherlock Holmes detected 100% of all lab grown diamonds.

Read the full report of the Assure Program performed by UL Laboratories and see for yourself.

New: Detected CZ and Moissanite in loose stones.

Patent Pending

Price: $6,495

1. You don’t have to touch each diamond with a probe.
2. Sherlock identifies mounted and unmounted diamonds in bulk.
3. Sherlock instantly detects CVD lab-grown diamonds.
4. Sherlock will identify natural diamonds that have been color-enhanced through the HPHT process as natural diamonds.
5. Sherlock will identify lab-grown diamonds created through the HPHT process as lab-grown diamonds. (Yes, Sherlock knows the difference. He is a genius.)

New features:

1. Detection of CZ and Moissanite in loose stones.
2. The 2.0 is 1.25 inch taller.
3. You can now rotate the ring holder from the outside without the need to open the drawer.
4. You can manually set the focus so that you no longer need to cover the bottom lamp.
5. The phone (provided) is connected via cable, so no more disconnection frustrations.
6. The new phone gives you a slightly larger screen.
7. 2.0 can export your results via email or Bluetooth and store to G-drive!

Our Sherlock Holmes machine always finds the truth.

If you wish to purchase the original Sherlock Holmes at $5,495 – please call us.


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[ Download the Sherlock Holmes 2.0 CVD and HPHT Lab grown detector user manual ]

[ Download the Sherlock Holmes CVD and HPHT Lab grown detector user manual ]

[ Download the HPHT Lab grown diamond detector use manual ]

[ troubleshooting ]

Patent Pending

Price: $6,495

Sherlock can’t be fooled.

Protect your customer.
Enhance your value as an expert.
Use this machine when buying diamonds, selling diamonds, taking in jewelry for repairs

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